Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I am just running errands today and decided to pull out this old top. I don't wear it much because it is really boxy but I love the color. I have tried a belt but it does not work. Maybe I can ask someone to take in the sides a little bit. It was a pretty cheap top so I am not too invested in the piece.
I also noticed that I have not posted my purses. I love purses. My friends say I spend too much on purses but I wear flip flops, don't wear make-up and can't fit into designer clothes so purses are my splurge item.
I like the mix of plaid in the shirt and zebra on the bag.

Top- Eyeshadow, Jeans-Old Navy, Purse- Kate Spade


  1. Nice bag! Maybe it's just the way your standing, but I don't think that top looks boxy... It looks good!


  2. eeeekk! i sooo want that maxi!