Sunday, May 2, 2010

I have no idea how my favorite bloggers post fashion pictures. It took forever but I still don't have good shots. I have been called into work for a few hours, this is much nicer than my usually Sunday fair. I will wear the heels for about half the day and then change into some flats that I have.
Dress- I.N.C (Macy's store brand), Shoes-INC, Necklace- Tiffany & Co, Ring-Class Ring


  1. Love that dress! That blue is a great shade on you :-)

  2. I have a small, cheap tripod that I got at Target ($18) that I keep my the front door. Every morning on my way out the door, I grab my tripod and camera and take it outside. I find that I get better light and a less distracting background if I go outside.

    I set my camera up to take "face recognition" photos (basically it's a timer delay setting that waits until it sees a face and then takes 3 photos in a row that are focused on my face). That way I know I am in focus, and I get three photos without having to run back and forth to the camera. BTW, I just have a little Canon Powershot, not a fancy camera, so my guess is that you might have a similar setting on your camera too.

    If I am in a hurry I just pick the best of those 3 that night. If I have extra time in the morning, I look at the pics in the viewfinder and take more if needed.

    Also, when I realized that I was going to stick with my blog, I took a Sunday to take pics of all my jewelry so I wouldn't have to do that every day. And I save pics of my shoes, etc and recycle them rather than taking new ones every time.

    Good Luck with your blog!